Our company

Guinness World Records is a global brand, with offices in London, New York, China, Japan and UAE, with brand ambassadors on the ground around the world. 

Throughout our history, we have expanded our business across many markets including Publishing, Digital, Events, Business solutions and Television, with record-breaking remaining at the heart of everything we do.

The power of record-breaking

Whether in the form of a personal life-long dream, or a team attempt within a company of 500, the power of record-breaking is easy to see, and continues to inspire amazing feats and achievements every day, across the globe. 

Could you become Officially Amazing?


Over 66 years of record-breaking authority

58,000 + current records on database

57,000 record enquiries from 186 countries in 2020

6,000 records approved in 2020

600+ brand activations in 57 countries in 2020



147M + books sold to date globally

1.8M + books sold in 2020

100 + countries

40 + languages

Each annual title contains thousands of records, with 80% new and updated every year



1,200+ hours of owned footage

Programming sold to 150+ territories

Original branded productions in 19 territories

336M + YouTube views in the last year

592M + minutes viewed on YouTube in the last year



21M + Facebook followers

3.6M + Instagram followers

5.2M + subscribers on Snapchat Discover

11.2M + followers on TikTok

300,000 + followers on Twitter